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    Daniel Ricciardo

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    • Q: Do you have a girlfriend?
    • KM: [Laughs] No. [Immediately turns card back over and places it neatly on the 'done' pile.]
    • F1R: Would you believe that we had quite a lot of similar enquiries, all from Polish ladies?
    • KM: Really - all from Poland?
    • Q: Tell us something about your tattoo.
    • KM: [Raises an eyebrow and immediately puts the card back on the table.]
    • F1R: This piece of intelligence is destined to remain out of the public domain.
    • Q: What would be your alcoholic beverage of choice if you were going to challenge Kimi Raikkonen in a drinking competition?
    • KM: Er, beer. Danish beer.
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    Kimi Räikkönen | Belgian Grand Prix

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  • Arctic Monkeys - Reading Festival 2014

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    Raikkonen | Spa-Francorchamps 2014

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  • Seb in Sotchi about his current situation/problems (via crimebone)

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  • "If I was not convinced that I can do that, then there would be no reason at all to put me behind the wheel. I’m confident that I get to the range."
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    Ayrton Senna clinched pole position in Monza four times in a row: from 1988 to 1991. From all those he won one, in 1990. Two years later he would cross the finish line first again, ahead of Martin Brundle and Michael Schumacher.

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    Daniel Ricciardo

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    Kimi Räikkönen, Fernando Alonso | Belgian Grand Prix

  • Sebastian with Massimo Rivola today in the paddock

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  • "Spa Francorchamps: if its not raining, its about to."
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    Belgian Grand Prix

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  • Sebastian with Massimo Rivola today in the paddock

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